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Youth advocates that promote better healthcare affordability and accessibility in America.

Image by Hannah Busing


Originating in Missouri, Show Me “a Healthy” State is a youth-run organization named after Missouri's nickname, “The Show Me State.” Our mission is to engage students in fighting healthcare disparities in America and help them realize the importance of this issue. Poor and unaffordable healthcare is prevalent in the entire nation, but we have observed that this is an underrepresented topic among the youth. In fact, a poll from found that healthcare issues were seen as top issues by only 10% of voters between 18 and 21 years old for the 2018 midterm election. This is because as youth, we often take our access to healthcare for granted. We hope not only to educate students about the American healthcare system but also help them become active citizens by encouraging them to register to vote. Our organization gives students the platform and resources to become activists for this cause.


As a student organization, we understand that it can be difficult for students to be activists and maintain their studies. However, it is crucial for the younger generation to be questioning our society and our government for the better. As a student yourself, you need to be the one to make the changes you want to see for your country and the easiest way to do this is by voting. 

In terms of healthcare legislation, you may be young, and healthcare may not seem as important to you as it would to your older counterparts. However, the sooner the youth begin to realize the importance of addressing healthcare disparities, the sooner the youth will become active citizens that can make changes to our healthcare system. 


Show Me "a Healthy" State believes progress can be best achieved by following these steps: 

Learn to Read

Learning is the best way to become a global and aware citizen.

ballot box voting

Your voice matters. Be a part of the process to bring change to your community.

Protest Mega Phone

Actions speak louder than words. Assist your community and those around you.



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