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Sign petitions:



Get involved with healthcare organizations: 



Contact your representative:


Method #1: 5 Calls 

Calling members of Congress is an effective way to voice your concerns, whether it be on supporting bills to make healthcare more fair for all Americans or to discuss COVID-19 restrictions. Staffers listen to these calls and tell Representatives how their constituents feel about current issues. Visit to get started. 


Method #2: Resist Bot 


Step 1: Text “resist” to 50409.

Step 2: Text “Congress,” “House,” “Senate,” “State,” or “President” to contact your desired official. 

Step 3: Type the message you’d like to send to your desired official and then send “done” by itself upon completion.   



Another way to help is to get your opinions voiced by publishing your writing in a newspaper company. Everyone has an impactful story and writing letters to the editor or op-eds are a fantastic way to show that. 


Letters to the editor:


Letters to the editor are letters sent to newspaper companies about concerns from its readers. They are intended to be published but not all are chosen to be published! Get your voice heard through this simple procedure. Letters do not need to be long. 


How to write an effective letter to the editor: 




You can also send op-eds to newspapers. Op-eds are basically newspaper articles where you express your opinion on some issue or current event. They are longer than letters to the editor.  


How to write an effective op-ed: 


How to get your letter to the editor/op-ed published: 


Use the link made by Missouri Health Care For All to find your local newspaper company by simply entering your ZIP code. After contacting the company, see if they can publish your work.



If you would rather get your work published to a national company, here are a few examples: 


The New York Times


The Washington Post 

The Los Angeles Times

The Chicago Tribune 




Missouri Health Care For All (MHCFA) is a state-wide, non-partisan grassroots organization that has active employees throughout the state of Missouri. The organization’s dedicated members work to achieve affordable, quality healthcare for all Missourians. 


Show Me “A Healthy” State can work with students to get them their volunteering hours they need through MHCFA. As students ourselves, we understand the frustration that you may not be able to continue volunteering for organizations within your community. You may also want to get a head start in fulfilling your volunteer hour requirements for NHS or volunteer as an extracurricular. However, please note that Missouri Health Care For All cannot offer volunteer hours for Missouri’s A+ Scholarship Program. 


To become a volunteer with MHCFA, we are here to help! 


Step 1 


Please send an email to  with your name, email address, and which volunteer activity you are interested in doing (writing letters to the editor/op-eds or getting people to register to vote). We can get the volunteer hours you need. After sending in the email, we will contact you with further instruction so that you can be approved for volunteer hours. 


For Joplin, MO residents, you have an additional volunteer opportunity. You can add information about available COVID-19 resources for Joplin residents in the following document. Simply leave comments on the document of any additional information you have. Covid-19 resource guide document can be found here 


Step 2 


If you get approved for volunteer hours and have completed your volunteering, email again and include your name, email, what your activity was, the number of volunteer hours you have completed, and proof of your volunteering (examples): 

  • Submit the draft of the letter to your editor/op-ed to us. 

  • Write the number of people you got registered to vote and a brief description of how you tried to get people to register 

  • If you worked on the COVID-19 resource guide, tell us the email you used when working on the resource guide so that we can check the comments you have made on the document. 


We trust our followers to use the honor code. We can detect if the number of hours you have recorded on the email does not reflect the product of your volunteer work. If you believe you need to provide additional information to explain yourself, please do so in the email. 


Step 3 


We will send you a confirmation email once you have been approved for your volunteer hours by Missouri Health Care For All! 

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