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Featured Writing

Show Me “a Healthy” State loves creative and engaging writers! You can submit a writing piece you have written to our website if you so choose and we will publish as many as we can, but there is no guarantee that all submissions will be published. Essentially, you would write an opinion piece on some issue or current event. It can be something personal, something about your local community, or something you think the state or nation should do. It’s all up to you! It is important that you follow these guidelines: 

  • Word count maximum of 650

  • Title included

  • Uses formal language

  • Contains no false information. If you use websites, please include your sources by copying and pasting the link you used.


To submit your writing, email it to and title your email “featured writing piece.” Within the email, include your name, school/organization/affiliation, and your graduation year (if you are a student) so that we can feature you on our website. If you prefer to remain anonymous, we can keep you anonymous. In the email, also include your title and your writing piece.

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