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Don't Just Leave Politics to the Adults

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

There are many political topics that are emphasized and widely debated in today’s society such as who would make the best presidential candidate, gun control, climate change, and many more. But I think a subject involving politics that is often overlooked is the role that youth should play. For generations, many people have believed that large political issues and often politics in general is a sensitive subject, and one that should be left up to adults to handle and not youth. However, I see a fundamental problem with that mindset. If youth are taught that politics and issues plaguing today’s society are not something that they should immerse themselves in, they will grow up simply regurgitating information that they hear at home or elsewhere and not genuinely caring about analyzing what is going on in the world around them. When these youth reach adulthood, they wouldn’t have devoted time making themselves more educated citizens. It’s immensely important for youth to spend time familiarizing themselves with issues in their own community and, on a larger scale, societal problems. This way, young adults can begin formulating solutions to those very issues and work toward instigating some sort of change, no matter how big or small.

Secondly, youth deserve to be given the opportunity to develop their own opinions when it comes to politics. Specifically, youth should be given the right to be involved in issues and decisions that directly affect them and their lives. We must encourage all youth to be involved and must give everyone an opportunity to learn and therefore develop individual beliefs and ideals. A changed and better society starts with the youth of today. An article published by Lincoln Strategy reflects this very idea. The article states, “The teenage generation in this county are our leaders of tomorrow. Their political attitudes are shaped by unique experiences and diverse backgrounds, so it’s essential that they learn more about politics and get involved so that they can channel their energies toward effecting a positive change.” Adolescence is such a crucial time in one’s development. That’s why it is so important that youth form an early connection with political issues that surround them. As their views may develop and change with time, adolescents can maintain a mindset centered on bringing about positive change as they grow.

Youth truly do have such a unique opportunity to help create the type of society that they want to proudly be a part of. All young adults deserve to engage in political work to the same extent that adults do. Youth should all feel comfortable to advocate for changes that they want to see, no matter what individual beliefs may look like. The teenage generation truly does have the chance to make a great change in the years to come, and that is something that shouldn’t be ignored.


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