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Interview with Dr. Brad Cameron

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Dr. Brad Cameron is a former Director of Social Work at Pittsburg State University. He currently is a Professor of Social Work at the university. His areas of specialization are Social Work & the Law, Practice of Social Work, and Substance Abuse & Mental Health. Dr. Brad Cameron also serves as a Municipal Court Judge in Carthage, Missouri where he resides. He utilizes his social work training to identify defendants who could benefit from therapeutic intervention rather than punishment by being sentenced to prison. Take a look at this ~20 minute interview done by the founder Jihyun (Jane) Min with Dr. Brad Cameron about the interconnection of the prison system and poverty and the need for better healthcare in the United States.

Dr. Brad Cameron’s other areas of scholarly interest include: 

  • The law in social work practice

  • Social Work with criminal defendants

  • Criminal psychopathology

  • The use of theory in social work practice

If you have any questions that were formulated by watching the interview or if you would just like to ask Dr. Brad Cameron some questions about social work or criminal law/procedure/profiling, send your questions to this form

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