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Joe Biden and Healthcare: What Are His Plans?

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

The upcoming presidential election is one that will be crucial in determining the

protection and expansion of the American healthcare system. The healthcare system has been undermined during the elected years of current president Trump. This is why voting for a presidential candidate that plans to expand, not attack, the right to healthcare is important.

Presidential candidate Joe Biden has great plans to expand the current healthcare

system. He is isn’t planning to start anew by getting rid of private insurance, but he plans to

build upon the Affordable Care Act. He wants to give Americans more choices while also

reducing the cost of healthcare. Additionally, he wants to make the healthcare system easier to navigate.

The Trump administration has attacked the Affordable Care Act relentlessly since 2017.

This has caused the amount of uninsured Americans to increase by about 1.4 million. Joe Biden has taken notice of this and has proposed several plans that will counteract the damage the current president has done.

His first proposal is to give every American access to affordable health insurance. The

Joe Biden administration plans to do this by providing the public with an option to purchase new public health insurance, similar to Medicare, and extending coverage to more working-class Americans by increasing the value of tax credits to lower premiums.

His second proposal is to provide affordable, quality healthcare and a less complex

healthcare system. This will be done by stopping surprise billing, tackling market concentration across the healthcare system, and partnering with the healthcare workforce to lower costs.

His third proposal is to stand up to prescription drug corporations. Prescription drug

corporations make their profit with the high pricing of prescription drugs. Joe Biden plans to stop the avoidance of negotiating lower drug prices by drug corporations with Medicare, limiting launch prices for drugs that face no competition, and allowing Americans to buy prescription drugs from other countries among other plans.

His fourth, and final, proposal is to make healthcare a right for all Americans. This is a

particularly important proposal since the healthcare rights of many marginalized Americans

have been under attack during the Trump presidency. Joe Biden plans to protect the

constitutional right of abortion, provide federal funding for Planned Parenthood, reduce the

maternal mortality rate, which disproportionally affects women of color, and defend healthcare for all, regardless of gender identity, sexuality, or sexual orientation. This fourth proposal would make marginalized Americans feel safer and healthier.

The upcoming 2020 presidential election is one that will prove to be vital to the US and

our healthcare system. Americans need to take a stand to protect their right to healthcare after it has been radically threatened by the Trump administration. The most fruitful way one can do this is by making their voice heard and going out to vote.


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