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Unequal Education

Updated: May 19, 2021

Education is the basis of life, which prompts growth within each generation. Without it, the present will go back to the past and the future will become bleak. It is through new discoveries as well as built on theories that patents and cures are being made today. The subjects being taught at school like Math, English, and Science are all variables that provide aid to a student in their daily life and their future career field. Inequality is a factor that negatively affects the way students grow, specifically those that attend institutions with insufficient funding. Funding and resources are essential to create an environment in which students are cultivated into intelligent, contributing members of society. Those that attend a substandard and inadequate school will have to work much more than those that attend a top tier school because the lack of connections and materials prove to be cause for a stall in progress.

For example, teachers at learning institutions are either one of two: satisfactory or unsatisfactory. The supply and demand for teachers, as displayed in the graph below, demonstrates that qualified teachers are needed more than ever as the population grows, but the supply continues to decrease. This could be a result of the occupation being one that would not pay enough (the pay is different for each learning institution) or that being a teacher is simply becoming undesirable. But looking in further, this contributes to the flaw in the education system. Public schools, with their large classes and too much effort for too little pay, is a workplace that cannot compare to private schools with their fairly sized classes and a salary that can pay bills. There are essential resources that private schools are just able to obtain that public schools cannot. The insufficient supply of adequate teachers negatively affects students because learning becomes more difficult and the material taught as well as how it is taught impacts learning and how much is being learned.

What should be focused on more is the curriculum that students are being taught and how schools prepare them for the future. It is a horrible thing for a high school to invite community colleges and local state colleges to a fair more often than big league schools or top tier institutions in which talented students have a chance.


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