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Jihyun (Jane) Min


Jane has had a passion for advocating for healthcare affordability and accessibility, which has been accumulated through her many years of working with Missouri Health Care For All and her local community clinic. She is often disappointed in how many of her peers take their voting rights for granted. She hopes that through her project, more students can get involved in the healthcare issue.  



Alisa Fedotova

Outreach Director

Alisa believes that all people should be able to receive quality healthcare. She feels that such can be achieved by educating youth on the high costs of procedures, low-quality services, and other problems, which can later help others use their voting rights in order to make an educated choice and bring positive change. She hopes to bring awareness about the current issues in the medical field to a larger audience.


Angelyna Tan

Outreach Director

Angelyna’s interest in healthcare advocacy began when her grandma was diagnosed with cancer three years ago, as she realized that the bills were getting more and more expensive as her health declined. It was the first time in her life she experienced how unfair the current healthcare system in America is. Through Show Me “a Healthy” State, she wants to advocate for the basic human right that is healthcare. She wants to make sure that money isn’t the towering wall between life and death. All people, no matter their economic background, gender, sexuality, or religion should be able to access healthcare services because everyone deserves a chance to live.


Shrihari Nagarajan

Outreach Director

Shrihari is a senior in high school who has a strong passion for healthcare. Through his extensive volunteer experiences with various community organizations, Shrihari has seen firsthand the importance of helping others, especially those in need. Yet he recognizes the fact that greater change can only come from greater awareness and greater participation. Through Show Me “a Healthy” State, Shrihari hopes to educate and advocate for the healthcare disparities that not only grip his community, but also the entire country.

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Nina Thompson

Outreach Director

Nina is a freshman in high school from California. She is interested in pursuing a career in medicine and wants to do everything she can to prepare for that. She is super passionate about equal access to healthcare and understands that it is crucial, especially during the pandemic. 

social media management

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Sandra Chuong

Head of Social Media Management 

Sandra yearns to provide adequate educational resources to communities across the country about healthcare. Hopefully, with her work, she can broaden the spectrum of how people learn and access different healthcare resources. Knowing that not many people take the time to learn about health services until they are in dire need, she wants to share her voice and advocacy now to prepare people for future situations. She hopes that being on the Show me "a Healthy" State team can not only inspire young students to participate in various causes but also to help the common good of all citizens.


Silvia Wu

Social Media Manager

Silvia has been aware of difficulties in affordable and accessible healthcare since her childhood. She hopes that through Show Me "a Healthy" State, she can bring equal healthcare to everyone regardless of their economic status. Silvia believes every individual should be able to live with a healthy body and the amount of money should not determine how much healthcare would be given to an individual.

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Michelle Wu

Social Media Manager

Michelle’s advocacy began when she first realized the importance of affordable healthcare through her own sister’s extensive medical bills. With the global pandemic surging through a country that lacked healthcare accessibility for all, she wants to raise awareness and use her voice/art alongside countless other young students across the country. She hopes that working alongside Show me “a Healthy” State will capture support for a healthcare system that will benefit each and every citizen.



Screen Shot 2020-07-05 at 7.38.04 PM.png

Kayley Ball

Co-Director of Journalism/Journalist

Community involvement is very important for Kayley. She hopes that youth conversation can allow for communities to be comfortable spaces for people to be able to voice their opinions and concerns. Through Show Me “a Healthy” State, Kayley hopes to give more people an opportunity to have a voice and to take active steps towards instigating change. 


hanna picture.jpg

Hanna Wu


Hanna is interested in advocating for social change but believes that many of the youth today are intimidated by global issues, as she once was. She hopes that by being exposed to these issues early on, we can address disparities sooner and seek the truth. Through Show Me “a Healthy” State, Hanna wants to explore social change concerning healthcare systems and healthcare reform. 



Nicole Ly


She is passionate about healthcare advocacy because she has seen firsthand the unfairness of healthcare disparities. Her parents cannot afford healthcare for all four siblings and as a result, only her and her brother have it. She wants to help advocate for this issue in voice of not only her family, but for other families who also face healthcare difficulties.


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