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The President's Attack on the Postal Office

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

The United States Postal Service is one of the most beloved government agencies. It is a vital part of the democratic right to vote for many Americans, especially people living in rural areas. Due to the current pandemic, more people than ever will use mail-in voting to keep themselves and their families safe.

The problem is, the USPS is struggling financially. They need around 25 billion dollars to stay afloat, and president Trump is unwilling to provide this money. Although equipped with the knowledge that millions of Americans will be using mail-in ballots to vote this election, he is unwilling to provide the necessary money to the USPS. Furthermore, his appointment of Louis Dejoy as the new Postmaster General has caused delays in the USPS. The changes Dejoy has made to the postal service are predicted to also impact the November 2020 election.

The president’s actions are a direct attack on American democracy. Due to his unwillingness to grant the USPS the monetary help they need, he has undermined the vote of countless Americans. This is information that all American voters should know. This is an attack on people’s right to vote and the right to choose their presidential representative and leader. The current president is deliberately refusing money to a government branch that is providing Americans the means to vote safely from their home.

The president’s lack of action is deliberate. He wants to undermine the right to vote for his opposing party. Studies have shown that Democratic-leaning counties practice social distancing more than Trump-voting counties. The president knows that his supporters will be more likely to go in person to cast their vote for his reelection. He knows that many Democrat voters will prefer to vote by using mail-in ballots. This is the main reason he refuses to send the USPS the help they need.

Although the president’s attacks on the USPS seem to mainly affect Democratic voters, his actions should be worrisome to all Americans, even his supporters. Americans should have the option of mail-in voting, especially during a global pandemic. The fact that the president is deliberately refusing to provide funds to a government agency that provides a way to vote is terrifying. This issue goes beyond a bipartisan argument.

Voting is one of the best ways Americans can make their voices heard. It is important to vote for a leader that will do the best they can for this country and will protect its democracy. The current president’s actions shouldn’t be forgiven or forgotten. When you are casting your vote this November, whether it be by mail or in person, remember the president’s attacks on the action you are taking and make that vote count.


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